A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Cheri Casino Hold’em – Pt 2



My decks have a rule card, but since the rules and game play are the same as Texas Hold’em, there isn’t much to impart. If and when I license to brick and mortar, which I intend to pursuant to laws and gaming regulations, I will give rooms an option to buy decks at a reasonable rate from me or the license the ability to print their own. I’m not out to nickel and dime people. I only want to make money as it befits those who offer my game. I’m not going to be myopic and shoot myself in the foot by adding additional barriers. If someone wants to offer my game, I’ll have rates both for the license and the decks that make it profitable to licensees.


All me. I have an excellent management Cheri Casino team assembled that represents the creation and operation of several successful businesses, but I am the creator and at the wheel.


I have. I have patents for a very novel gaming platform that has the ability to completely change the way by which people incorporate games into their lives. If it sounds vague, good! I’m in the process of raising venture capital and designing a software engine that may just prove to be revolutionary. I believe I have glimpsed the future in regard to some concepts and am way ahead of the curve.


I have another game that I’m developing with the person who holds the patents for Fantasy Sports scoring methods that mixes the fantasy sports phenomenon with some other exciting activities.


Sorry I can’t say more. I am a passionate guy and it really fires me up to create.


I am working on that now. I had a conversation with my developer today. As the CEO of a new business, I am constantly balancing opportunities versus my resources. I have had offers for investment capital, but that comes at a price. I am first going to see what traction I can get within the online industry and whether I can optimize my personal Cheri Casino cash to get the game online and available for play to the public. If I exhaust those efforts, I will expand the functionality of the Web-site so that consumers can play for free and buy decks. There will be a site regardless, but it’s going to be a couple months. At this point, though there has been a press release and I want to make sure I answer people’s questions before they form opinions about the game, my efforts are being made within the industry and not toward consumers. Those efforts will come as some of my current opportunities take shape.