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Shame Absolute QQWIN99 Shame


The internet crash in the ’90s taught some people that any business should at least have some consultants with experience. Computer whiz kids may indeed be brilliant but they have no experience in business. Successful internet companies hire wisdom. In business, as in life, history is a great teacher but you need to have someone around who pays attention to history. Here is our history lesson for today.

nixonIn June of 1972 there was a botched burglary in Washington D.C. All evidence points to the fact that then President of the United States, Richard Nixon, knew nothing about the crime. Yet just two years later, Richard Nixon would resign the Presidency. Richard Nixon gave up the most powerful position on the planet for no good reason. He was not involved in the initial crime; he was the President of the United States and threw it all away. Why? How? He attempted to cover-up the truth. He nearly got away with it but in the 1970s there was no internet.

Apparently no one at Absolute QQWIN99 is bright enough (or old enough?) to understand that half-truths and outright lies will never fly in the age of the internet. The truth will come out and heads will roll. Every one of the idiots who attempted this cover-up or sat silent while it was taking place should be fired immediately. Any other action furthers the stupidity of the their actions.

Can Absolute be saved? Who cares. Shut it down. Pick a new name, hire someone who knows how to run a business and start it up again. The current customer base knows you are liars and fools and yes: CHEATS! But worst of all, you refused to tell the truth when you knew it and you actually thought you would get away …

Live Draw HK 2000NL is no fun.


This is a graph of my last session at 2000NL. Those of you who know what it means are probably reaching for the puke bucket or just throwing up in your mouths. While you guys sort that out, I will explain for the rest.

The red line is my equity in all-in situations during the session. The blue line represents the actual results of the hands. So, if I am all in with aces against kings preflop with full stacks, my equity is about 82% of the pot, and the red line will increase by my expected winnings: $4000 * 82% – $2000 = $1280. If I win his stack, I will have registered a positive difference between the red and the blue line of $2000 – $1280 = $720. If I lose, the difference will be -$3280.

While there are many other ways to be lucky or unlucky in poker, the difference between the two lines is the purest form of luck measurable. You will never see a systematic deviance between the two, only chaotic variance. So, if you haven’t reached the conclusion yourself, let me spell it out: Friday, the cards screwed me over to the tune of $11.000. It was just an unbelievable series of lost coin flips, missed draws and nasty suckouts never going my way. Total result of the session was -$13.500, since I also got a bit unlucky in other ways than this.

This means that my short stint as a weekend high roller at the 2000NL games is over for now. It will take a bit of grinding at mid stakes to get back to where I was, so thats the plan for now.

A look back.

It’s been a while since I’ve combined my databases and looked at my results for …

Interview with hk prize Champion Dwyte Pilgrim: A Career Defining Hand


Dwyte Pilgrim made a dramatic entrance into the elite poker ranks in 2010 by winning the WPT Borgata Poker Open in Atlantic City, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tournaments. Since then, Pilgrim has established his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, with 8 titles and 56 cashes in major events along the tournament circuit. Known for his aggressive play and outgoing personality, Flop Turn River had the recent pleasure of interviewing Dwyte at this year’s WPT Legends of Poker, about one of the biggest hands of his career.

It was September 23rd, 2010 at the hk prize Casino in Atlantic City. Packed house, one of the biggest tournaments of the year, and one of the biggest fields for a WPT event ever. The 2010 WPT Borgata, was down to three players. First place paid $733K, while third paid $266k, a difference of almost half a million dollars!

Blinds 150k-300k, 50k ante.

Seat 1: Kia Mohajeri- 10,775,000

Seat 3: Ofir Mor- 6,850,000

Seat 5: Dwyte Pilgrim- 13,850,000

Pilgrim is dealt (2h 2d) and bets $750,000 preflop from the small blind. Kia raises to $2.25 Million. Pilgrim shoves all in for 13.85 Million as a bluff, and sits quietly, motionless, behind his dark sunglasses. The packed casino room goes silent.

Jared: Dwight what were your thoughts at this point when you shoved all-in?

Dwyte Pilgrim: I felt like Kia had to be extremely strong to make this call. He had to have a top five hand, AA, KK, QQ, AK and JJ. A huge portion of his range would fold here, including hands like AQ, AJ, and A10 type hands.

Poker sometimes is all about feeling. You have to go with your feeling, and it’s also about table image and timing. I was betting on my …

New life on Atlantic City togel  Casino Floor

Nyree Thompson, 32, from Atlantic City, was at the Resorts Atlantic City togel  Casino. She was eight months pregnant at the time, and had some pains which she thought was gas. She went to the bathroom around 9.30 am, only to realise she was about to give birth.


Nyree informed the security guard, and was subsequently helped by four other security guards until paramedics arrived. She gave birth on the casino floor to a baby boy weighing less than five pounds. The baby was wrapped in a jacket, and both were taken to hospital. Nyree has named the baby Qualeem. They are both doing well.


The Resorts Vice President of Operations, Steve Callender, who has worked at Resorts since 1978 said “This is the first birth for the casino as far as I know, we’ve had people die here, but we’ve never had people born here before”


Norwegian Player Pulls $1,500.00 Prize at Premier Bingo


Premier Bingo announced last week yet another jackpot winner on their Pull-Tabs games.

The player known as banken73_pr, from Halden in Norway, won $1,500.00 on the Piano Bar. Pull Tabs have become an increasingly popular game amongst the online bingo community.


The prizes vary depending on the Pull Tabs game, and the amount bet, but on Premier Piano Bar for instance, you can win up to $4000!! No wonder this game is so popular. Great for a bit of excitement as a side game whilst your bingo cards are playing for the big bingo jackpots!


To try your luck on Pull Tabs, Bingo, or any of the other games offered, just head on over to Premier Bingo. If you already have an account with them, or indeed any of the Bingo Entertainment sites, they tell me that during the …

Hand Rankings



Poker hands are always five cards. For example, even though each player in a seven-card stud game has seven cards, only the best five of those cards play. Poker has no six- or seven-card hands. Thus, the seven-card stud hand As Ad Qs Qd 6h 5d 3c beats Ks Kd 9h 9s 7s 7d 2s, even though the second hand contains three pairs while the first has two pairs. Similarly, if a Hold ’em board was 9s 9h 7d Js 7c, the pot would be split between two players holding 6s 6d and 5c 5h, even though the player with the two sixes was ahead until the river card. At the end, both players hold the two pair hand 9s 9h 7d 7c, with a toto hk kicker. Neither player can produce a higher kicker from his hand; neither player’s pocket pair can result in a higher five-card hand than what is on the board.


These are the winning high hands in high only and high-low split games, from highest to lowest. Any hand in one category in the list beats any hand in any category below it. For example, any straight flush beats any four of a kind; any flush beats any straight.


royal flush: Five cards in sequence with all five cards of the same suit. The highest straight flush, having an ace as its high card, has a special name, royal flush.


Royal Flush


Any lesser straight flush does not have a unique name.


Straight Flush


In a showdown among players holding straight flushes, the hand with the highest top card wins. 10d 9d 8d 7d 6d beats 9s 8s 7s 6s 5s.


four of a kind: Four cards of the same rank. Also known as quads.


Brave Browser Protects Users Against Browser Fingerprints


Each of us uses web browsers, but not all of us realize how huge amounts of data they collect about us. Returning home after work, you eat dinner, then sit back on the couch and start “anonymous” surfing the Internet. Error! Nowadays, anonymity is a myth.brave fingerprint – Brave Browser Protects Users Against Browser Fingerprints

What is a browser fingerprint?

Most people think that “private mode” / incognito, clearing cookies or using a VPN makes them invisible. Nothing could be more wrong! Thanks to your web browser, pages know exactly who you are.

They collect a number of data that identify each user. The set of characteristic features is used to create the browser’s fingerprint. With it, bitcoin dice  browsers track you and serve ads tailored to your interests.

After entering any website, the browser you are using sends to the site “query headers ” containing information such as:

version of your operating system;

browser type and version

the language you use to browse the pages

information about installed plugins


In addition to headers, in most cases, pages contain several lines of JavaScript code that collects information about:

your screen resolution

graphics card


battery (is it charged, what percentage of charge it currently has)

IP address

your link speed

and many more

The set of these parameters is your browser’s fingerprint.

In order not to be aware, below I will introduce you to several websites where you can check what data browsers collect :

Instead of removing or modifying differences in the browser or adding embarrassing permission prompts, the Brave web browser will begin to add subtle randomization to some fingerprint endpoints.

The protection of privacy by introducing randomness has been researched by privacy IT specialists, recently in the PriVaricator projects (Nikiforakis et al., WWW 2015) and …

Aturan Baru untuk Tahun Baru

Saya akan menyebut kolom ini “Resolusi Tahun Baru untuk Kasino Online dan Gamer Online”, tetapi saya berubah pikiran pada menit terakhir. Resolusi ini perlu diperlakukan berbeda dari Resolusi Tahun Baru standar yang, terlepas dari niat terbaik seseorang, biasanya hanya berlangsung seminggu.

Untuk Manajemen/Staf Kasino


Saya akan ingat, setiap saat, gamer online membayar gaji saya dan merupakan satu-satunya alasan saya memiliki pekerjaan.

Jika saya memutuskan untuk mengubah aturan promosi berulang, saya TIDAK hanya akan mengubah situs web, tetapi juga akan menggunakan informasi email yang diberikan saat pendaftaran oleh pelanggan saya untuk memberi tahu mereka tentang aturan baru.

Jika promosi hanya untuk penerima email, saya akan menyatakannya di promosi.

Saya akan memastikan bahwa persyaratan pencairan mudah dipahami dan disertakan dalam setiap penawaran yang memiliki persyaratan pencairan.

Saya akan menyertakan di situs web saya, di halaman yang jelas dan diiklankan, informasi berikut: Nama penyedia perangkat lunak saya; Jam operasional untuk departemen Layanan Pelanggan saya; Waktu respons khas dari Layanan Pelanggan; Nama perusahaan yang memproses transaksi kartu kredit; Bagaimana transaksi kartu kredit akan muncul di tagihan pelanggan saya; Jumlah waktu rata-rata untuk Togel hari ini kredit atau debit muncul di rekening kartu kredit pelanggan saya setelah transaksi selesai.

Untuk Gamer Online

Saya akan bersikap sopan dan masuk akal, dan akan selalu menyertakan nama dan informasi akun saya dalam semua komunikasi tertulis.

Saya akan membaca seluruh situs web sebelum saya melakukan deposit. Jika saya memiliki pertanyaan, saya akan menanyakannya sebelum saya melakukan deposit.

Saya akan berlangganan Gambling Grumbles di sehingga saya selalu mengetahui Kasino yang tidak responsif atau tidak layak untuk perlindungan saya.

Jika saya melihat promosi yang diposting oleh orang lain selain kasino, saya akan menanyakan kasino apakah saya memenuhi syarat SEBELUM saya menyetor.

Saya tidak akan bermain di Kasino menggunakan uang bonus mereka, jika itu adalah Kasino tempat saya tidak akan …

Why giving away your Bitcoin Dice video games is good for you

When the final boss has fallen and every secret has been uncovered, where do your games go? Do they forever rest in peace, nestled among their own kind on your shelf, or do they get stuffed into a box and tossed into storage? Or maybe they take a trip to the local GameStop or Best Buy, netting you some handy spare cash or in-store credit?

Whatever their ultimate fate, I’ve got a suggestion for you, and I (almost) guarantee you’re not going to like it. Because you’re right – it’s fair to keep the games you enjoyed around in case you want to revisit them. It’s sensible to display them as trophies. It’s reasonable to trade in your games or sell them on Craigslist for some extra cash. But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m going to tell you why you should give them away.

Four years ago, I was on my way home from picking up Christmas presents. Call me a bad boyfriend, but while I had remembered my then-girlfriend’s mother and father in my holiday shopping, I’d forgotten about her siblings and step-siblings – something I didn’t realize until it was too late to go shopping anywhere other than a gas station, because everything else was closed.

These kids love video games, but were still relying on an original Xbox that often malfunctioned or died. We, however, had a spare Xbox 360. I was (and still am) ashamed I hadn’t thought of giving up my excess system sooner. I grabbed it, as well as my copies of Borderlands, Dead Island, and Left 4 Dead, and wrapped them up all in a box.

The look on those girls’ faces when they opened their gift; you wouldn’t believe how stoked they were. …

3-time Online Jackpot Winner at King Solomon’s Casino



Greek woman wins the Lots A Loot jackpot @ King Solomon’s Casino 3 times in as many months.


Chrisoula A.P. of Greece has won the jackpot three times in as many months playing ‘Lots A Loot’, the new Progressive Slot Machine available at King Solomon’s Casino.


Chrisoula’s astonishing win has amazed not only herself, but industry experts as well. Peter M., a representative of King Solomon’s Casino was also astounded at the win describing it as ‘quite remarkable’, being second only to another King Solomon’s player, Carol D., who won the ‘Cash Splash’ jackpot four times.


‘Lots A Loot’ is one of 5 Progressive Machines on offer at King Solomon’s Casino. The Progressive Machines have ever-increasing jackpots, meaning that the more people play on these games, the greater the winnings. It is this element that makes the Progressive Machines at King Solomon’s Casino so popular.


King Solomon’s Casino is an online gaming portal dedicated to providing its ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล players with an enjoyable and exciting form of entertainment whilst simultaneously being completely safe and secure. The company has been established for nearly three years and in that time has established a secure and loyal client base from all over the world.


Chrisoula’s most recent win, on Saturday 9 June 2001 at 1.16am (GMT) of $20,573.50, comes on top of her previous wins of $25,166.03 on 2 April 2001 and $35,802.35 on 25 May 2001.


In her early-30s and recently married, Chrisoula is typical of many King Solomon’s players who initially join up and play for fun during their spare time from the comfort of their own home. Chrisoula, who comes from the seaside city of Patras in western Greece, has been playing with King Solomon’s Casino for a relatively short time. Her …

Mexico May Place Bets on Casinos

LA PAZ, Mexico – As reported by the Washington Post: “Back in the days of Prohibition in the United States, Mexican casinos were the playground of choice for Al Capone and others looking for cheap and legal booze, floozies, cards and dice. By 1938 Mexico was so fed up that casinos were banished by a presidential decree that stands to this day.


“But now an old law is confronting a new reality: The economy is sagging, tourism needs a boost, casinos are cash factories and President Vicente Fox is a pragmatic businessman who likes the sound of billions-with-a-b.


“So casinos are suddenly playing good odds. Despite continued opposition from church leaders and law enforcers, analysts here said, the political and economic climate is right for the Mexican Congress to legalize casinos, possibly by the end of the year.


“…`A casino wouldn’t be our salvation, but it would be the perfect complement to our development. It would be oxygen,’ said Mayor Victor Guluarte, looking out over La Paz Bay to a spit of land where he envisions a casino anchoring a big development with hotels, restaurants and a marina.


“…All over Mexico, officials are doing the same math. Federal studies estimate that building a dozen casinos could bring in $200 million in new private investment and $500 million a year in new tax revenue. One recent privately commissioned study estimated that opening UFABet casinos could generate $3 billion a year in tourism and create almost 100,000 new jobs a year. Tourist industry associations have taken out full-page newspaper ads urging Mexico to take advantage of that opportunity.


“With the Mexican economy hurt by the downturn in the United States, analysts said casinos may be too attractive for even the doubters in Congress to turn down. The …