How to Write Your First Ebook


Now that you have chosen your product, you are going to begin to write about it. Now, I am going to teach you the basics of writing your very first informational product. If you haven’t written much recently, you will probably have to rewrite it several times until it is a quality product. Remember you still have the option of selling some affiliate products from Clickbank while you are getting going. Once you have your product up and running, then you can shift your focus from Clickbank products to your own. In fact, once you have your own product, you can make it available on Clickbank so others can market your product for you.

But for now I am assuming that you are going to write your own product, so that is what we will start on now.

You must choose one of the topics you have outlined. Don’t throw out the ones you are not going to use. They will be great outlines for your second informational ebook!

I assume that you have followed the first two steps, writing about 10 areas where you have knowledge, and breaking those down into at least 3 sections each. So you have roughly 30 specific areas about which to write. The next step is to take each of these areas and write out at least 5 things you can write about each of the sections—so you will have about 10 areas of knowledge, 30 sections of information, and 150 individual ideas.

Now look at your list. Do you think you can write a paragraph or two about each of the individual ideas you have marked? Of course you can! And if you write a full page about each individual idea, and you should be able to, you will have around 150 pages of content!

Now, I will have to say this now. It is far more important that everything you write is useful information that will truly help convey from you to the reader (the purchaser or your book) your expertise, than to write a long book. It would be better to write a book that has 30 pages but is worth $100 to the reader than to write a 200 page treatise that is only worth $10, if that.

I want you to write as if you were personally going to pay $30 to $100 for the ideas you are writing down. Now I know that it is hard for you to think they are all worth $30 to $100, but ask yourself this, would you have paid that much in advance, if you had known in one book you could learn everything it has taken you a lifetime to accumulate?

Hopefully you say yes here; if you do not you are probably not writing about something about which you have a special knowledge. Keep in mind you are writing a book about a topic where you have more knowledge than the average individual.

At this point, just start writing. Type all the topics, areas of knowledge, sections, and individual ideas into a word processing program such as Word. The reason you are going to type them all in now is so that you can start by writing about one particular idea at a time, and actually type it into the program. You do not need to write from the beginning to the end. Write about each idea as it is exciting to you. So today if there are some specific ideas that you feel inspired to write about, write about them. Each day you will see progress as the book grows from 5 pages to 10 pages and on and on.

In fact, once you have just 5 or 10 pages, you can take the part you have just written and use it as a free giveaway, so potential customers can see the quality of your work. But that step is for later.

This has been an excerpt from “15 Steps to Internet Success” .

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has created over 300 articles in print and 8 published ebooks. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agency UK