No Prediksi HK Language Mountain High Enough For Everest Poker



Everest Poker have taken a step ahead of many other online poker sites by becoming multi-lingual. Grand Virtual Inc’ the software provider for Everest Poker can currently serve eight different language markets; Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish. This should pave the way for millions of potential new poker players to join in the online action.


Jennifer Joyce, from Grand Virtual says “We decided to go multi-lingual because the software is powered by Grand Virtual, Inc, which has always been a leader in online gaming software that is localized by language market. We were one of the first to launch multi-lingual Casino software in 1997. Currently, our casino product supports 16 languages and we have in-house translation, marketing, and 24/7 customer support for all those language markets. We believe that by localizing the poker product we can bring the game of poker to more people. Professional poker players in most markets know how to play in English, but the game can be complex & intimidating for many casual or new players so we believe that by offering the software in more players’ native languages we will open up the excitement and thrill of poker to the general population. That is why we also offer a tutorial and training room for new players.”


Everest Prediksi HK Poker won’t be stopping there either! They have plans for many more languages in 2005, they will be adding Traditional Chinese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Later in the year there are plans to introduce more complex languages such as Chinese, Greek, Korean and Hebrew.


Grand Virtual are making great progress in becoming one of the few truly worldwide poker sites and with a signup bonus of $100 at Everest Poker they could become of the most popular poker sites around.


Stuey Ungar movie scheduled for release


The movie based on the life of poker legend Stu Ungar is finally set for release. On March 15th, New Line Home Entertainment will release the DVD “High Roller: The Stu Ungar story”. The film stars the Sopranos Michael Imperioli, who plays the role of the brilliant, but tortured Ungar. The film also stars Pat Morita of Karate Kid and Happy Days fame, as well as Michael Nouri, and Renee Faia.


The DVD has many extra Prediksi HK features, including running commentary from Imperioli, as well as commentary tracks from director A.W.Vidmar, and Hollywood home game legend Vince Van Patten.


The film chronicles the life of Ungar, whom many consider the greatest No Limit Hold ‘Em player to ever live. Ungar won the first two WSOP main events he entered, in 1980, and 1981. There was a time in his life when Ungar had entered 30 major buy in ($5,000 and up back in those days) tournaments, and won one-third of them. In this authors opinion, that is the most impressive tournament poker statistic I have ever heard. Ungar was plagued by demons for years, and spent many years down on his luck, and in & out of the poker world. He returned to the spotlight in 1997 winning his third WSOP main event title, his physical appearance vastly different, and showing signs of his struggles over the years. Ungar finally succumbed to his demons in 1998, dying at the age of 42.


People who have access to the STARZ cable network will have a chance to see the movie before the DVD hits the shelves. High Roller premiers on STARZ on January 30th.