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Shame Absolute QQWIN99 Shame


The internet crash in the ’90s taught some people that any business should at least have some consultants with experience. Computer whiz kids may indeed be brilliant but they have no experience in business. Successful internet companies hire wisdom. In business, as in life, history is a great teacher but you need to have someone around who pays attention to history. Here is our history lesson for today.

nixonIn June of 1972 there was a botched burglary in Washington D.C. All evidence points to the fact that then President of the United States, Richard Nixon, knew nothing about the crime. Yet just two years later, Richard Nixon would resign the Presidency. Richard Nixon gave up the most powerful position on the planet for no good reason. He was not involved in the initial crime; he was the President of the United States and threw it all away. Why? How? He attempted to cover-up the truth. He nearly got away with it but in the 1970s there was no internet.

Apparently no one at Absolute QQWIN99 is bright enough (or old enough?) to understand that half-truths and outright lies will never fly in the age of the internet. The truth will come out and heads will roll. Every one of the idiots who attempted this cover-up or sat silent while it was taking place should be fired immediately. Any other action furthers the stupidity of the their actions.

Can Absolute be saved? Who cares. Shut it down. Pick a new name, hire someone who knows how to run a business and start it up again. The current customer base knows you are liars and fools and yes: CHEATS! But worst of all, you refused to tell the truth when you knew it and you actually thought you would get away …