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Messi shows off his latest hat-trick in Togel Madrid



Lionel Messi once again showed off his credentials as the most exciting talent on the world stage with a superb hat-trick for Barcelona in a 3-1 win on Tuesday night.


The diminutive Argentine terrorised the Atletico Madrid defence all night before receiving a standing ovation from the Vicente Calderon Togel crowd when he was replaced 10 minutes before full-time.


The result leaves Barcelona well placed to reach the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey when the teams meet again at the Camp Nou next Wednesday.


The 21-year-old sensation set about his task early in the match with great combination play with Daniel Alves, another of the few Barca regulars to feature in a ‘weakened’ first eleven.


With 11 minutes on the clock Alves fed Messi with a well worked one-two which left the striker clean through on Gregory Coupet’s goal. A cool finish into the near post gave Barcelona an early lead.


The teams continued sparring for the remainder of the first half with Maniche going close for Atletico and Seydou Keita wasteful in front of goal for the visitors.


Messi had to wait until the second half for his next decisive moment of the match.


The Rojiblancos had been reverting to dirty tactics in an attempt to stop the Barca man throughout the game. No surprises then when Messi drew a foul in the penalty area five minutes into the second half.


Again great link-up play between Alves and Messi saw the Brazilian full-back slip a ball into the box for his team-mate. Before Messi had a chance to convert the centre he was pulled down by Dutchman Johnny Heitinga.


Referee Gonzalez had no hesitation in pointing to the spot and sending Heitinga off for an early bath. …




A recent study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that senior or elderly people who gamble also have health issues. The study found out that seniors, while gambling, were more likely to drink four or five alcoholic drinks, which could lead to serious health problems.


“This study raises some serious public health concerns,” said Dan Blazer, a geriatrics psychiatrist at Duke University. Blazer said he worries about seniors who already have developed bouts of forgetfulness. Seniors in this group might lose track of how much they are spending and gamble away huge sums.


The study also found out that as many as 11 per cent of senior citizens who gamble say they spend more than they should at the casino or on some other form of gaming.


According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, an estimated 4 to 8 million people in the US fall into that category.


Seniors may be particularly vulnerable to the lure of casinos, said study author David Oslin. Seniors who do not get out much may enjoy taking a day trip to a casino with other retirees. In fact, 70 per cent of the 843 people age 65 and older in this study said they had gambled at least once in the past year, and going to a casino was one of the most popular ways to gamble.


Oslin and his colleagues interviewed seniors by phone, asking them about their gambling habits. They found that 92 of the 843 seniors were at-risk gamblers. They said they recently had laid down more than $100 in a single bet or said they often bet more than they could afford to lose. However, none was considered a pathological gambler (a person who spends huge sums of money and …

General Rules For Playing Togel Singapore Poker



The game of poker is a fun and exciting game and the popularity of the game is on the rise. In addition, a poker player can play poker in a casino much longer than other gambling games without losing as much money because of their ability to fold. Those who are new to poker should learn some general rules for playing poker before starting.


When learning to play poker, it is important to understand the very basic rules for playing this casino game. Poker games can be played at home or in a casino for real money. Poker is a card game that uses five card hands, which are dealt from a deck of 52 cards. The cards that are used in any game of poker are standard playing cards. A hand in a game of poker always consists of five cards. There are other poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and seven-card stud that uses more cards, but the hand always results in a total of five cards. In stud poker games in casinos, there can be almost any amount of players. Poker can be played with a very large group, or one that is small. Either way, players are all given one card at a time and then the poker players will bet chips or money each time they are dealt more cards.


As the game progresses, a player will “fold” if they are not happy with their dealt hand. Folding means to get out of the poker game and forfeit any bets they have made to that point. In poker, there is a system of which cards have the most value. This is called the Poker Hand Value Ratings. When a player has the best hand, that poker player then wins all …

Cara Togel Menang Judi Online yang Efektif



Untuk itu, langkah pertama yang harus anda lakukan adalah dengan memilih jenis permainannya. Setelah Togel anda memilih jenis dari permainan casino online tersebut, maka anda pertimbangkan terlebih dahulu tujuan anda ketika bermain judi online tersebut. Apakah anda hanya ingin mendapatkan kemenangan saja Togel dimana anda menggunakan jumlah taruhan yang dipasang dalam satu permainan atau anda lebih memilih untuk menang lebih dahulu di beberapa putaran permainan dengan nilai taruhan yang kecil. Jika saat ini anda sedang sangat membutuhkan uang dan hanya ingin bermain sebentar dan akan berhenti ketika berhasil memenangkannya atau kebutuhan nilai taruhan yang anda perlukan serta hanya sekedar untuk bersenang-senang saja ketika bermain judi online.


Dari tujuan-tujuan yang disampaikan di atas tentu akan menjadi suatu patokan bagi anda untuk mendapatkan cara menang judi online. Togel Karena melakukan permainan judi online tanpa adanya alasan tentu akan membawa anda pada kekalahan demi kekalahan yang akhirnya justru membawa anda pada kerugian. Kemudian untuk langkah selanjutnya yakni bahwa anda sebagai pemain harus mengetahui bagai jenis permainan yang harus dihindari. Bila anda ingin menang di games judi online dengan peluang persentase di Togel dalamnya lebih tinggi, anda juga harus cermat dalam memilih permainan yang banyak memberikan peluang kemenangan lebih banyak, seperti di permainan baccarat, blackjack, sicbo dadu, serta poker. Dan sebaiknya anda menghindari untuk bermain roullete, keno, slots, togel. Alasannya, pada permainan tersebut memiliki persentase kemenangan yang kecil. Dan juga games tersebut tidak terlalu mengandalkan keahlian dair para pemainnya, dan bandarlah yang akan mendapatkan banyak keuntungan dari permainan-permainan tersebut.

Sebagai seorang pemain yang profesional, Togel tentunya setelah mendapatkan cara menang judi online tentunya bisa dipraktikkan di dalam permainannya dan pastinya akan memberikan kemenangan-kemenangan yang diinginkan dan menjadi seorang pemain yang handal.


Intense Online Casino


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The very best aspect of playing on the internet is that you could indulge yourself at the very best of this casino, and you don’t need to leave …

Six Ridiculous Strategies Concerning Poker togel online


Apps such as Poker Office also watch your competitors. With a program like Poker Office, a championship player can obtain an advantage quite readily. You need to step up into some program like Poker Office and watch your tournament play grow nearly immediately. Thus, be certain that to play poker online if you feel 100 percent to maximize your likelihood of winning or find some free online poker programs that match you in which you can practice through times away from your computer or tablet with some precious time. Write down what you would like to attain in a particular time frame and adhere to it. It’s largely tied into a deposit, which makes the bonus a proportion of the very first or several subsequent deposits.

By tracking his/her play, the player can get the mistakes they’re making and immediately fix them. Jackpot slots are a few of the most talked-about games available on the current market, and that’s no surprise since you just stand a chance of winning millions of dollars once you play internet casino jackpots. By assessing your friend list on and off, you can see if your favorite maniacs are logging in to perform with togel online. Giving you a wonderful idea of the play style. Using a maniac in the table along with five calling channels, for instance, there’ll be serious baskets being created, which means it is possible to score big should you hit on your cards. This trick is most useful when you’re incorporating maniacs into your friend list since maniacs tend to make table dynamics, which are far better for you to say, calling channel.

Table game seats will be restricted, and a few slot machines will be set from service. The benefit is that he will now understand, for …