But things have moved forward a little…


Management at The Gaming Club casino remained mute this week as the furore on the message boards over their questionable use of private information and a negative database to deny bonuses following an over-generous promotion (unlimited, open 15% bonus with 3xD+B terms) continued.


But some progress appears to have been made, with second hand reports appearing that the casino is continuing to hold out on the bonuses, and has been returning deposits and where appropriate winnings to successful and losing players alike to ameliorate their losses.


The fuss is a long way from dying down yet it appears, with TGC’s formerly solid image taking a severe pounding. And those questions regarding it’s allegedly improper use of NDs have stirred up a hornet’s nest on an issue that is becoming increasingly controversial – the better control and more democratic structure of negative databases.




How’s this for honesty ?


A more positive perspective on online casino operators was gained this week when an online gambler received a call from Crazy Vegas Casino, asking how he wanted to be paid out on a $100 cashin. It seems 4 months ago he did a cash-in with the casino, which had been holding his instruction pending his payment option. It was one of those things that had dropped through the cracks of his personal record Slot Gacor system so he had not contacted them. So, it was an unusual situation of the casino chasing the player to pay him rather than the other way around, and it could have easily been “overlooked” by a more unscrupulous or inefficient operation. We can do no better than quote the player in this case: ” With all the Tomfoolery that goes on, it is great to know there are honest casinos out there that make sure players are paid.” WTG, Crazy Vegas!

Editor’s Note: Crazy Vegas has been in our Reputable Online Casino section for over a year.


Fortune looks good and is worth a visit. It is Microgaming powered with the complete range of facilities usually associated with that provider, and it has a good site of Flash games. Before entering checkout the rather large list of excluded countries to make sure you’re not in one of ’em! The range of financial options is extensive, there is PWC certification on the payout percentages and the owners are members of the “real” IGC. The signup bonus is a matchplay, maxed at $50.