The house always wins – Judi Online24jam



Dan the Fat Cat would be branded a dangerous communist in many poker circles when he says that the American labor force is paying the price for the casino economy. “US multinationals would never allow themselves to be on the losing side, nor would the US government be able to resist them. These huge trade deficits Judi Online24jam are in large part a ‘gift’ from the multinationals. They export and import within themselves, between US-based factories and their subsidiaries abroad. Half of US foreign trade – excluding oil – is intra-trade. That’s why trade deficits equal job losses in the US. Suppose an American multinational switches production to China: they still produce the same thing, but the labor costs are much lower and the products become imports – and that makes the trade deficit rise. But of course you know that in America the government puts the interests of multinationals way ahead of its own citizens.”


After all his talk, Dan the Fat Cat sips his cappuccino and leaves – he has a game to play. He’s a moderate consumer, for American standards. He never charges his whole life to his room, and he makes sure he has kept enough collateral. He knows the Judi Online24jam house always wins, so as a rule of thumb he always collects when he’s still flush – after all, he refuses to further enrich Kerkorian, the king of the strip. As for the legions of losers, there’s always the sight of the dancing fountains of the Bellagio erupting to the sound of Sinatra.