Specialist Legal and Financial translations…


In an increasingly specialised world, good legal and financial translation depends on the use of experienced and qualified subject specialists.


With over 800 professional legal and financial translators at its disposal and a highly dedicated in-house team, Central Translations has the resources to ensure that our customers’ documents are handled by the appropriate translation specialist with the requisite experience in legal and financial translation. More about Translation Agency UK


Financial Translations…

Accurate and authoritative translations of even the most complex and detailed financial documents in this highly specialised field. Qualified translators with experience in the financial industry ensure that we are up to date with this fast changing environment.












Company reports, accounts, financial surveys, investment ratings, loan and credit agreements, contracts, insurance documents, stockmarket reports, company brochures, terms of business and payment, all types of correspondence.


Legal Translations…

Over the past 30 years we have earned an unrivalled reputation as the acknowledged legal translation specialists. All of the top 20 law firms in England are regular and long-standing customers. This is largely due to the fact that we understand the extreme pressures and tight time constraints common in the legal profession, and have developed the flexibility necessary to produce top quality translations under such demanding circumstances at very reasonable rates.








Claim and Response Packs, expert opinions, contracts, legal agreements, pleadings, court judgements, witness statements, patents, terms & conditions, correspondence.


Interpreting Services

As with written translation, legal and financial interpreting requires the highest level of expertise and experience.


Our extensive network of fully qualified interpreters offers a comprehensive legal and financial interpreting service for:…




But things have moved forward a little…


Management at The Gaming Club casino remained mute this week as the furore on the message boards over their questionable use of private information and a negative database to deny bonuses following an over-generous promotion (unlimited, open 15% bonus with 3xD+B terms) continued.


But some progress appears to have been made, with second hand reports appearing that the casino is continuing to hold out on the bonuses, and has been returning deposits and where appropriate winnings to successful and losing players alike to ameliorate their losses.


The fuss is a long way from dying down yet it appears, with TGC’s formerly solid image taking a severe pounding. And those questions regarding it’s allegedly improper use of NDs have stirred up a hornet’s nest on an issue that is becoming increasingly controversial – the better control and more democratic structure of negative databases.




How’s this for honesty ?


A more positive perspective on online casino operators was gained this week when an online gambler received a call from Crazy Vegas Casino, asking how he wanted to be paid out on a $100 cashin. It seems 4 months ago he did a cash-in with the casino, which had been holding his instruction pending his payment option. It was one of those things that had dropped through the cracks of his personal record Slot Gacor system so he had not contacted them. So, it was an unusual situation of the casino chasing the player to pay him rather than the other way around, and it could have easily been “overlooked” by a more unscrupulous or inefficient operation. We can do no better than quote the player in this case: ” With all the Tomfoolery that goes …

Aturan Baru untuk Tahun Baru

Saya akan menyebut kolom ini “Resolusi Tahun Baru untuk Kasino Online dan Gamer Online”, tetapi saya berubah pikiran pada menit terakhir. Resolusi ini perlu diperlakukan berbeda dari Resolusi Tahun Baru standar yang, terlepas dari niat terbaik seseorang, biasanya hanya berlangsung seminggu.

Untuk Manajemen/Staf Kasino


Saya akan ingat, setiap saat, gamer online membayar gaji saya dan merupakan satu-satunya alasan saya memiliki pekerjaan.

Jika saya memutuskan untuk mengubah aturan promosi berulang, saya TIDAK hanya akan mengubah situs web, tetapi juga akan menggunakan informasi email yang diberikan saat pendaftaran oleh pelanggan saya untuk memberi tahu mereka tentang aturan baru.

Jika promosi hanya untuk penerima email, saya akan menyatakannya di promosi.

Saya akan memastikan bahwa persyaratan pencairan mudah dipahami dan disertakan dalam setiap penawaran yang memiliki persyaratan pencairan.

Saya akan menyertakan di situs web saya, di halaman yang jelas dan diiklankan, informasi berikut: Nama penyedia perangkat lunak saya; Jam operasional untuk departemen Layanan Pelanggan saya; Waktu respons khas dari Layanan Pelanggan; Nama perusahaan yang memproses transaksi kartu kredit; Bagaimana transaksi kartu kredit akan muncul di tagihan pelanggan saya; Jumlah waktu rata-rata untuk Togel hari ini kredit atau debit muncul di rekening kartu kredit pelanggan saya setelah transaksi selesai.

Untuk Gamer Online

Saya akan bersikap sopan dan masuk akal, dan akan selalu menyertakan nama dan informasi akun saya dalam semua komunikasi tertulis.

Saya akan membaca seluruh situs web sebelum saya melakukan deposit. Jika saya memiliki pertanyaan, saya akan menanyakannya sebelum saya melakukan deposit.

Saya akan berlangganan Gambling Grumbles di Gambling.com sehingga saya selalu mengetahui Kasino yang tidak responsif atau tidak layak untuk perlindungan saya.

Jika saya melihat promosi yang diposting oleh orang lain selain kasino, saya akan menanyakan kasino apakah saya memenuhi syarat SEBELUM saya menyetor.

Saya tidak akan bermain di Kasino menggunakan uang bonus mereka, jika itu adalah Kasino tempat saya tidak akan …

Why giving away your Bitcoin Dice video games is good for you

When the final boss has fallen and every secret has been uncovered, where do your games go? Do they forever rest in peace, nestled among their own kind on your shelf, or do they get stuffed into a box and tossed into storage? Or maybe they take a trip to the local GameStop or Best Buy, netting you some handy spare cash or in-store credit?

Whatever their ultimate fate, I’ve got a suggestion for you, and I (almost) guarantee you’re not going to like it. Because you’re right – it’s fair to keep the games you enjoyed around in case you want to revisit them. It’s sensible to display them as trophies. It’s reasonable to trade in your games or sell them on Craigslist for some extra cash. But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m going to tell you why you should give them away.

Four years ago, I was on my way home from picking up Christmas presents. Call me a bad boyfriend, but while I had remembered my then-girlfriend’s mother and father in my holiday shopping, I’d forgotten about her siblings and step-siblings – something I didn’t realize until it was too late to go shopping anywhere other than a gas station, because everything else was closed.

These kids love video games, but were still relying on an original Xbox that often malfunctioned or died. We, however, had a spare Xbox 360. I was (and still am) ashamed I hadn’t thought of giving up my excess system sooner. I grabbed it, as well as my copies of Borderlands, Dead Island, and Left 4 Dead, and wrapped them up all in a box.

The look on those girls’ faces when they opened their gift; you wouldn’t believe how stoked they were. …

3-time Online Jackpot Winner at King Solomon’s Casino



Greek woman wins the Lots A Loot jackpot @ King Solomon’s Casino 3 times in as many months.


Chrisoula A.P. of Greece has won the jackpot three times in as many months playing ‘Lots A Loot’, the new Progressive Slot Machine available at King Solomon’s Casino.


Chrisoula’s astonishing win has amazed not only herself, but industry experts as well. Peter M., a representative of King Solomon’s Casino was also astounded at the win describing it as ‘quite remarkable’, being second only to another King Solomon’s player, Carol D., who won the ‘Cash Splash’ jackpot four times.


‘Lots A Loot’ is one of 5 Progressive Machines on offer at King Solomon’s Casino. The Progressive Machines have ever-increasing jackpots, meaning that the more people play on these games, the greater the winnings. It is this element that makes the Progressive Machines at King Solomon’s Casino so popular.


King Solomon’s Casino is an online gaming portal dedicated to providing its ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล players with an enjoyable and exciting form of entertainment whilst simultaneously being completely safe and secure. The company has been established for nearly three years and in that time has established a secure and loyal client base from all over the world.


Chrisoula’s most recent win, on Saturday 9 June 2001 at 1.16am (GMT) of $20,573.50, comes on top of her previous wins of $25,166.03 on 2 April 2001 and $35,802.35 on 25 May 2001.


In her early-30s and recently married, Chrisoula is typical of many King Solomon’s players who initially join up and play for fun during their spare time from the comfort of their own home. Chrisoula, who comes from the seaside city of Patras in western Greece, has been playing with King Solomon’s Casino for a relatively short time. Her …

Mexico May Place Bets on Casinos

LA PAZ, Mexico – As reported by the Washington Post: “Back in the days of Prohibition in the United States, Mexican casinos were the playground of choice for Al Capone and others looking for cheap and legal booze, floozies, cards and dice. By 1938 Mexico was so fed up that casinos were banished by a presidential decree that stands to this day.


“But now an old law is confronting a new reality: The economy is sagging, tourism needs a boost, casinos are cash factories and President Vicente Fox is a pragmatic businessman who likes the sound of billions-with-a-b.


“So casinos are suddenly playing good odds. Despite continued opposition from church leaders and law enforcers, analysts here said, the political and economic climate is right for the Mexican Congress to legalize casinos, possibly by the end of the year.


“…`A casino wouldn’t be our salvation, but it would be the perfect complement to our development. It would be oxygen,’ said Mayor Victor Guluarte, looking out over La Paz Bay to a spit of land where he envisions a casino anchoring a big development with hotels, restaurants and a marina.


“…All over Mexico, officials are doing the same math. Federal studies estimate that building a dozen casinos could bring in $200 million in new private investment and $500 million a year in new tax revenue. One recent privately commissioned study estimated that opening UFABet casinos could generate $3 billion a year in tourism and create almost 100,000 new jobs a year. Tourist industry associations have taken out full-page newspaper ads urging Mexico to take advantage of that opportunity.


“With the Mexican economy hurt by the downturn in the United States, analysts said casinos may be too attractive for even the doubters in Congress to turn down. The …

Setting the Standard for Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Innovation and professionalism are key elements for online gaming system providers who must consistently scan the horizon and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing Internet trends. In this issue of Gambling Times we take an in-depth look at one of the most notable gaming system providers, Gaming & Entertainment Technology.

Who is GET?

Gaming & Entertainment Technology (GET) is a leading-edge developer of state-of-the-art Internet gaming systems for regulated jurisdictions around the world. Formed in 1995, this Australian-based company is recognized globally as a leading provider of innovative online gaming products. The GET client-server distributed architecture has also been extended to provide a secure platform for game-show networks and entertainment applications.

About the Software

In a market crowded with online gaming system providers, GET has repeatedly won competitive tendering situations and has come out on top of numerous due diligence processes conducted by high-profile online gaming site operators. “We have achieved this through our ongoing committed focus on the fully regulated online gaming market,” said Tibor Vertes, Chairman of GET. “We offer an uncompromising level of technical excellence and a dedication to meet our customers’ needs.” Some of GET’s strengths include:

  • A distributed modular server platform designed to cope with the volume of traffic expected at the busiest land-based casinos around the world. As a result, their gaming server has proven its tremendous ability in achieving maximum uptime, scalability and extensibility.
  • A casino administration center providing total control and secure centralized management of the casino operation.
  • A browser-based casino gaming system offering all the advantages associated with connect and play gaming that is highly optimized, and contains Java-based 3D graphics.
  • GET’s latest casino system has consistently led the industry in features and functionalities. Multi-player gaming, wide area progressive jackpots and multi-line slots with special features are just some of

Congratulations!You’ve Hit the Major Millions $1.6 Million Qiu Qiu Jackpot!

Tony said to himself, “I’ll just put another hundred in here, and if I lose this I’ll quit for a while.” His on-again, off-again relationship with online gambling proved to be a convenient source of entertainment, but deep in the back of his mind he had the thought: Wouldn’t it be so nice to win a jackpot, pay off all my debts, finance the kids’ education and put enough away to live comfortably?

His wife yelled out, “I’m getting into the shower!” “Okay, hon,” Tony replied as the casino accepted his new deposit and he went back to playing the new Major Millions progressive slot machine at Captain Cook’s Casino. Tony clicked away on the “Bet Max” button, collecting a few small wins, until suddenly the screen went gray. He looked a bit more closely.

“Congratulations! You’ve hit the Major Millions Jackpot!” was the writing on the screen. Tony blinked, rubbed his eyes, then blinked again, body and mind moving in slow motion, as if he were dreaming. Shakily, he summoned his breath, ran up the stairs, and yelled, “Honey! Put on a towel and come look at this!”

His wife got out of the shower, came downstairs and together they stared in utter amazement at the gray screen. Tony reached over, clicked the mouse and the gray screen disappeared to confirm their wildest dreams had come true. Three Major Millions symbols were lined up on the bottom of three lines on the screen. Unbelieving, he emailed the casino then emailed them again. After what seemed like an intermi-nable amount of time, the phone rang as the casino manager called to congratulate them and confirm that everything was in order. And so a fairytale began — except in this case it was no fairytale. Tony P. had just become the …

Ligaz11 Review of 1997 American Casino Guide

Each year, Steve Bourie, in collaboration with others, puts out his American Casino Guide. The book is an amalgamation of most of the information one would want or need before setting foot in any casino in the United States. The book generally achieves its goals and manages to present its information economically and in an entertaining manner.


Bourie’s collaborators, which include Anthony Curtis of Las Vegas Advisor fame, Stanford Wong of Current Blackjack News fame, Max Rubin, author of Comp City, and many more. Collaborators like this lend the book instant credibility, and it is warranted. The information presented in this book is trustworthy, which is no small qualification.


The book starts with some advice on how to get around in a casino. There are mini-essays on using casino coupons to one’s advantage, what bets are good ones and what bets aren’t, how to get “comped”, and how to take advantage of slot clubs. The authors use real examples liberally, which give an honest portrayal of what the casino patron should expect.


The next several essays on are various casino games. You learn how to look for good slot machines, how to play video poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. The book is honest about this; unless one is very skilled (at video poker or blackjack) or very lucky, the authors tell the readers that they can’t expect to win money, but they do tell one how to get the most enjoyment for one’s money by avoiding the worst bets. The descriptions of how to play these games are as accurate as in any book. We then have several very amusing descriptions of how various casinos have erred in the past by not calculating the odds at their games correctly, or giving away too much in promotions. We …

Net Gambling เช็ค สล็อตแตก Ban Stalls in U.S. House

The burgeoning online gambling industry won a political victory Monday when a bill to ban online casinos failed to pass the U.S. House of Representatives. A similar bill has already been passed in the Senate.

Although lawmakers voted 245-159 in favor of the measure, it fell 25 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed for approval, according to special floor rules under which it was considered. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill would have banned the sale of lottery tickets online, online casino games, and online wagers on sporting events. Exempted from the bill were horse racing, greyhound racing, and jai alai.

In an eleventh hour move, the Clinton administration announced its strong opposition to the legislation, saying that the law appeared designed to protect certain forms of Internet gambling that currently are illegal while “opening the floodgates for other forms of illegal gambling.”

Bill Would Block Access

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Virginia), said he hoped the House leadership would “honor the will of the majority” and bring the bill up for another vote — this time under normal rules requiring only a simple majority for passage. If the bill eventually passes, it would bar U.S. gambling businesses from receiving or placing bets online and require U.S. Internet service providers to block access to gambling sites.

The proposed law would make it a federal crime — punishable by up to four years in prison and fines of $20,000 (US$) or more — to operate a Web site Relevant Products/Services from NetIQ that accepts wagers from Americans.

Both pro-gambling Internet entrepreneurs and anti-gambling social groups worked to block the bill Monday. Groups in favor of the proposed law included the commercial casino industry, the National Association of Attorneys General and the Christian Coalition.

Opening the Floodgates

In a statement, the …