If you have ever experimented with dice setting you’ve probably discovered that many casinos frown on this procedure. In fact some resorts will prevent you from setting the dice, as they have regulations on actually how the dice should be tossed. The dealers must adhere to these “laws” so you should not blame them – they are just doing their jobs. However if you still want to set the dice there is a way to do so – even if they don’t let you do it!

Before you learn how, let’s look at seven regulations that many casinos have regarding the Crapshooter’s handing of the dice.


  1. You must handle the dice with one hand only.


  1. You must choose only two dice from the five offered.


  1. You can not toss them over your shoulder.


  1. You can not toss them higher than line of sight of the dealers.


  1. They must bounce, and then bounce off the opposing wall at the other end of the table.


  1. They must be tossed, not slid or dropped.


  1. The shooter must toss them so that he does not slow down or disrupt the game.


It is this last regulation that bothers dealers. Many people take their time and set the dice for the number they want to see rolled, and this does take some time. The dealers will then tell you, in no uncertain terms, “Come on shooter, toss the dice!”


If you persist in “holding up the game,” a dealer can legally take the dice away from you and pass them to the next shooter. This isn’t done too often, as it tends to make the other players mad, but it can happen. If a dealer on your table frowns on dice setting, there are …




Are there any sure-fire methods for beating the randomly programmed slot machines? There are methods to improve your chances, but there are no guarantees you’ll become a consistent winner at the fruit machine. It’s tough to beat the slots when the house edge averages around 10 percent. Playing slots is great fun. With proper strategies, playing the slots doesn’t have to be tough on your bankroll and there is always the anticipation of hitting that big jackpot.

Here are the most important things you need to do if you want a better chance of beating those slot machines. So, let’s get started.


Slots Types: Walk into any large casino and you’ll be confronted with a bewildering assortment of slot machines. There are many different games, jackpot sizes, coin denominations and number of coin options. Today’s “one armed bandits” are completely electronic. Inside every slot machine is a computer chip, known as a Random Number Generator, it determines what symbol combinations come up for every spin. Machines are pre-programmed to return to the players a certain percentage of all the money that is fed into them.


Payout Percentages: The payback percentage on slots ranges between 80% to as high as 98%, depending on coin size and local competition. Generally, the loosest slots can be found in Las Vegas. Nationally the average house advantage is calculated to be around 10%. Be aware that payout percentages are calculated over the long term, which could mean the life of the machine. If a slot machine is programmed to pay back 95% it will pay out $950,000 out of every one million dollars it takes in, but payouts will come in wildly fluctuating random fashion. A few lucky players will collect big jackpots, most others will lose all they put into …

Problem Togel Singapore Gambling – Three Ways Out Of Addiction



While most people enjoy casino gambling, sports betting, lottery and bingo playing for the fun and excitement it provides, others may experience gambling as an addictive and distractive habit. Statistics show that while 85 percent of the adult population in the US enjoys some type of gambling every year, between 2 and 3 percent of will develop a gambling problem and 1 percent of them are diagnosed as pathological gamblers.


Where can you draw the line between harmless gambling to problem gambling? How can you tell if you or your friend are compulsive gamblers? Here you can find answers to these questions and other questions regarding problem betting addiction.


What is the Meaning of Problem Betting Addiction?Problem betting addiction or compulsive gambling is defined as an uncontrollable urge to gamble despite the destructive effect of gambling on the gamblers life and despite feelings of guilt and remorse. Problem gambling tends to have a negative effect on the gamblers financial state, relationships and daily life. Severe cases of problem gambling can be defined as pathological gambling.


Am I a Compulsive Gambler?1) Do you gamble until your last penny runs out?2) Do you gamble to win back your former losses or debts?3) Did you ever had to borrow money to continue gamble?4) Did your gambling habit ever made you lie to your friends or family?5) Did you ever skip work or other obligation to gamble?6) Do you tend to gamble to forget about your personal problems or to celebrate happy occasions?7) Does betting have a negative affect on your daily life or relationships?


If you have answered yes on at least one of the questions listed above, then you have a problem.


Can Anyone Become a Compulsive Gambler?Theoretically, yes. Any gambler can develop gambling problem …

General Rules For Playing Togel Singapore Poker



The game of poker is a fun and exciting game and the popularity of the game is on the rise. In addition, a poker player can play poker in a casino much longer than other gambling games without losing as much money because of their ability to fold. Those who are new to poker should learn some general rules for playing poker before starting.


When learning to play poker, it is important to understand the very basic rules for playing this casino game. Poker games can be played at home or in a casino for real money. Poker is a card game that uses five card hands, which are dealt from a deck of 52 cards. The cards that are used in any game of poker are standard playing cards. A hand in a game of poker always consists of five cards. There are other poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and seven-card stud that uses more cards, but the hand always results in a total of five cards. In stud poker games in casinos, there can be almost any amount of players. Poker can be played with a very large group, or one that is small. Either way, players are all given one card at a time and then the poker players will bet chips or money each time they are dealt more cards.


As the game progresses, a player will “fold” if they are not happy with their dealt hand. Folding means to get out of the poker game and forfeit any bets they have made to that point. In poker, there is a system of which cards have the most value. This is called the Poker Hand Value Ratings. When a player has the best hand, that poker player then wins all …

Online Myths – Slots in Onlinecasinoswiki



Considering the large number of online casino gamers these days, developing of myths and fallacies over this and that are very common. Different players have different beliefs; various gamers have various values thus rumours spread like wildfire among players from all parts of the world. Take the case of online blackjack, one of the most played casino games ever.


While the games in an actual brick and mortar casino do not really differ from that of an online casino, it pays to be extra cautious and to know what the truth is and what isn’t so that you do not end up losing money or losing chance simply because you believed in a fallacy that has no basis whatsoever. Below are some of the many online blackjack myths.


Myth 1: Blackjack is for people who are good in Math.


While card counting is one of the best winning strategy in play blackjack as it would be close to impossible to beat a dealer if you do not know what the remaining cards are. Card counting is not that hard as it only help players in increasing the odds of wining against the house. There is no need for one to be extremely good with number in order to play the game. It is a big misconception that card counting is a sure fire way to win as solid blackjack strategies do not need any math.


Myth 2: Blackjack is better when played at a real casino.


This is another misconception about blackjack as its concept and everything else is basically the same whether played online or in a live museum. However it must be noted that online blackjack games are so much better as it offers free practice games for those who are …

Why giving away your Bitcoin Dice video games is good for you



When the final boss has fallen and every secret has been uncovered, where do your games go? Do they forever rest in peace, nestled among their own kind on your shelf, or do they get stuffed into a box and tossed into storage? Or maybe they take a trip to the local GameStop or Best Buy, netting you some handy spare cash or in-store credit?


Whatever their ultimate fate, I’ve got a suggestion for you, and I (almost) guarantee you’re not going to like it. Because you’re right – it’s fair to keep the games you enjoyed around in case you want to revisit them. It’s sensible to display them as trophies. It’s reasonable to trade in your games or sell them on Craigslist for some extra cash. But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m going to tell you why you should give them away.


Four years ago, I was on my way home from picking up Christmas presents. Call me a bad boyfriend, but while I had remembered my then-girlfriend’s mother and father in my holiday shopping, I’d forgotten about her siblings and step-siblings – something I didn’t realize until it was too late to go shopping anywhere other than a gas station, because everything else was closed.


These kids love video games, but were still relying on an original Xbox that often malfunctioned or died. We, however, had a spare Xbox 360. I was (and still am) ashamed I hadn’t thought of giving up my excess system sooner. I grabbed it, as well as my copies of Borderlands, Dead Island, and Left 4 Dead, and wrapped them up all in a box.


The look on those girls’ faces when they opened their gift; you …

Casino Togel Hari Ini Gambling In Moderation



Go to a casino is something that can not be done every day. People have jobs and other obligations in life. When you have the opportunity to do so, the player should take advantage of it without going too far.


Winning is not easy when the player is already on the table. This is really something that does not happen like in the movies where the actor will do well and go home to millions. People are losing real money, so you better be careful when you go to those institutions.


If the person decides to go to the casino, it is recommended to set a budget for the number of inches to carry any other sum that is in the portfolio should be kept at home or in the car, so the player will not be treated as use in case things are not going so well.


It is also best to wear a watch to keep track of time when these companies do not have clocks or windows that can allow the person to lose focus in games.


Once the money has been modified chips, the player must be careful when playing with it. This can be easily lost during per minute for use in other games, which makes the journey is not satisfactory.


The tables are also a good idea, that there is no alcohol. Some people who drink can influence things in the normal state would be unthinkable. Drinking too much can lead to excessive gambling, even if not paid out more money because it is also possible to use a credit card.


It is also advisable to play slowly. Some people who are careless of losing money in the blink of an eye. Since there is no …




Agen betting akan coba bahas soal kecanduan judi online yang ternyata bawa banyak keuntungan. Bermain judi secara online tentu saja banyak sekali keuntungan yang bisa di dapat. Berhubungan dengan banyak permainan judi di internet membuat banyak orang merasa kecanduan. Tetapi kecanduan pada bermain judi online banyak sekali keuntungannya. Mungkin anda belum mengetahui tentang keuntungan yang besar serta uang berlipat ganda yang bisa di dapat. Para penggemar judi online tentunya sudah terdaftar menjadi anggota di agen judi online tersebut dan pasti juga sudah menikmati dari hasil permainan judi online.


Jika anda ingin tergabung di dalamnya bisa dengan cepat untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar pula. Sebelum anda ikut dalam permainan judi online diharuskan untuk memilih agen judi online terbaik dan terpercaya. Artikel di sini akan menunjukan anda pada agen judi online terpercaya yang banyak sekali anggotanya. Jika anda bergabung menjadi anggota bukan hanya anda saja yang bermain judi di dalamnya, tetapi semua orang yang ingin mendapatkan keuntungan besar bisa anda dapatkan dengan mudah serta cepat. Permainan judi secara online pasti akan di ikuti dengan persyratan sebelum melakukan permainan judi.


Cara mendaftar yaitu mengisi formulir yang disediakan kemudian diharuskan melakukan trasfer uang yang telah ditentukan batas nominalanya. Setelah selesai semua anda akan mendapatkan akun untuk menuju permainan judi online yang asyik. Berlipat lipat uang yang besar bisa anda dapatkan di semua permainan. Jenis permainan judi online yang paling banyak diminati adalah taruhan bola online dan casino online. Sangat Bola88 mudah sekali bukan? Oleh karena itu segera dapatkan banyak keuntungan dengan bergabung di agen judi online terpercaya di sini.




Agen betting memberikan ulasan terbaik mengenai keberuntungan yang berlipat dari agen judi cmdbet terpercaya untuk member setia. setiap member tentunya ingin diperlakukan sama. oleh karena itu member …

Resident Evil 20 years later: the many faces of Bitcoin Dice



Two decades. That’s 20 whole years of hoping this isn’t Chris’ blood. 7240 days of asking whether or not that dude actually just said “Jill sandwich.” 173,760 hours of Albert Wesker insisting on wearing sunglasses at night. You’re almost old enough to buy a bottle of whisky to go with those green herbs, Resident Evil. May you shamble for 20 more.


What’s fascinating about Capcom’s self-described survival horror game that launched a genre is how many different forms it’s taken over the years. Foundational classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Halo: Combat Evolved get remastered and touched up in editions like Super Mario All-Stars and Halo Anniversary, but the first Resident Evil took multiple forms on multiple consoles.


PlayStation – 1996

When people think of Resident Evil, this is the version they think of. There was nothing quite like the first time that CG zombie slowly turned towards the camera in one of the game’s evocative cutscenes. The series’ formula was established here, from the careful item management to the slowly unlocked, puzzlebox environment. While it looks a little shabby even compared to its other PlayStation sequels, its polygonal monsters and pre-rendered backgrounds looked exceptional compared to other 3D console games at the time. The American release was also heavily censored compared to the Japanese Biohazard, from shots of post-zombie snacking bodies to scenes of Chris Redfield smoking.


Windows – 1996

Capcom supported PC versions of its horror games right from the start, but some weird changes made it into the Windows release. All the censored content from Biohazard appeared in the international PC version, but stranger still was the fact that the campy live action intro was in color rather than black and white.


Director’s Cut – PlayStation – 1997

Resident Evil …

Situs Judi Bola Online Terlaris, Terpopuler Bandarqq Dan Terpercaya



Situs Judi Bola Online Terlaris, Terpopuler Dan TerpercayaSitus Judi Bola Online Terlaris, Terpopuler Dan Terpercaya – Semakin banyak situs judi bola online yang bermunculan malah semakin membuat para pemain judi bola online kebinggungan untuk harus memilih situs judi boal online mana yang tepat buat bermain judi bola onlinenya. Karena tidak semua situs judi bola online itu bisa dipercaya begitu saja lantaran banyak juga situs judi bola online penipu yang sengaja mencoba mengambil kesempatan buat menipu sebagian dari para pemain judi bola online tersebut. Jadi dengan bermunculannya situs judi bola online seperti sekarang ini bukan membantu atau meringankan beban dari para pemainan judi bola online untuk menikmati serunya sensasi permainan judi bola online itu sendiri melainkan menambah beban lantaran harus memilih dengan benar akan situs judi bola online yang Bandarqq tepat supaya tidak tertipu nantinya. Nah, supaya kalian tidak tertipu oleh oknum yang tidak bertanggung jawab tersebut maka kami akan memberikan sedikit penjelasan kepada kalian mengenai situs judi bola online terlaris, terpopuler dan terpercaya. Dimana kalian bisa menikmati sensasi serunya permainan judi bola online itu bersama situs judi bola online terlaris, terpopuler dan terpercaya. Jadi silakan kalian simak dengan baik akan penjelasan kami mengenai situs judi bola online terlaris, terpopuler dan terpercaya agar kalian tidak tertipu nantinya.


Namun sebelum kami memberikan penjelasan kepada kalian mengenai situs judi bola online terlaris, terpopuler dan terpercaya, mohon kalian baca juga artikel satu ini yakni tentang Tips Sebelum Bermain Judi Bola Online Supaya Menang. Dimana dalam artikel tersebut menjelaskan tentang tips sebelum bermain judi bola online supaya menang. Jadi bagi kalian yang ingin meruap kemenangand alam bermain judi bola online silakan kalian baca artikle tersebut agar kalian mudah meraup kemenangan saat bermain judi bola online nantinya. Nah, sendangkan untuk penjelasan mengenai situs judi bola online terlaris, terpopuler dan terpercaya bisa kalian lihat …