“Die Vorahnung” – October 11th in Germany

The preview tour for Premonition (“Die Vorahnung”) is over. The fans who didn’t have a chance to see it at one of the previews only have to wait a few days until October 11th, when the movie is released nationwide in Germany and Austria. Before that date I will also have a little info page up for the movie in our promo section so stay tuned!

Also thanks a lot to Mennan Yapo who gave our moderator Anja and camera guy Tommi an interview at the preview in Hamburg. Together with Kinowelt we arranged a meeting with the German director of “Die Vorahnung”. The interview will be up some time this week!

Sandra Bullock wins an Oscar at the 82nd Academy Awards

Wow, so long I didn’t post any updates. At the 82nd Academy Awards, Sandy won the Oscar as the best actress for her movie role in “The Blind Side” just one day after receiving the Razzie Award as the worst actress for her role in “All About Steve”, which makes this moment even greater! I am ready too see the two movies when they are in cinemas here in Germany and congratulations to you Sandy! Greetings from Germany ­čÖé